2 Step - Order creation!

This service is designed to collect relevant and actual emails.

To create a new order, please, use the menu entry "Orders".

At the order page you have a list of your orders with its progress status and buttons "New order", "Results", "Download", etc.

Choosing the new order creation you will go to the page, where two order forms are available: "Simple form" and "Extended form".

Simple form:

1. Fill in the field "Keyword".

Use the next rules to select a keyword:

- All results of your order are generated based on data, contained at web-pages and thematic catalogs, where your specified keyword is included.

- for adding one more keyword (or phrase) to current order you need to press button "+", that stands near the field "keyword". Then one new keyword entry field will be added to the form.

2. Specify the region for search and data collection in the current order.

- You can choose one or several regions. The language of specified keywords should match for the specified region.

Extended form

Extended form will be convenient when you need to copy the list of keywords from the text document or spreadsheet.

To filling out the extended form you need to complete the next steps:

1. Choose the delimiter character:

Choose the delimiter character "Comma ,"

- if you copy keywords list from some text document as an array of words, divided by comma

- if you enter keywords separated by comma

Choose the delimiter character "Semicolon ;"

- if you copy keywords list from some spreadsheet

2. Fill in the field "Keywords" by typing or by copying the list from external electronic documents.

3. Choose the search region.

After order creation you will go to the page "Orders" where you are able to manager your current orders with the help of buttons "Pause" / "Renew" / "Delete" / "Results" / "Download".

Duration of order processing and accomplishment depends on the number of keywords in the current order, amount of chosen regions and also on popularity of your chosen keywords (frequent keywords usually give greater number of results, but their processing demands a lot of time). The average processing time of one keyword is 3 hours.

After completing of your order processing you will get notification to your mail-address, after that the button "Results" at the page "Orders" will be available to you.

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